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Most homeowners' day is filled with a list of necessary errands, tasks around their homes, family responsibilities, and long days at the office. Take window cleaning off of your list and give that task to us, Window Cleaning + More. Our goal is to help you get ready for company, holiday parties, or just to allow you to enjoy that beautiful Florida sun while looking out of your sparkling clean windows. You can trust us to treat your windows as if they are our own and provide you the best value in window cleaning + more. We are detailed oriented in more ways than one, making sure that we provide you with the best professional window cleaning you could ask for. We guarantee that our licensed & insured cleaners will fulfill the commitment we have made in our contract to you.

what we do

Window Cleaning

- Interior & Exterior Windows Squeegee Cleaned with a Soapy Solution
- We Wipe your Window Frames, Sills, & Tracks with a Microfiber Towel
- Screens Removed, Cleaned, and Replaced at no additional charge
- Protective Booties Worn Inside and Drop Cloths used to Protect Floors

Screen Repair

- Screen repairs include adjusting and working on your existing screen doors and window screens. Replacement handles, wheels and specialty parts are available. 

Sealing & Caulking of Windows

- Sealing & Caulking of your windows is the best way to prepare you and your home from having a leaky window. We provide this service to make sure that you and your home are as protected as possible from water damage. Full specifications and color are a part of every quotation & project.

Mirror & Chandelier Cleaning

- Our chandelier cleaning services address all aspects of the cleaning process. We evaluate the position of the fixture including its height and its placement in the room to determine the best method to dismantle and remove it from its mounting. We give individual care to your fixture. We carefully disassemble the unit, inspect each part, assess the amount of grime and evaluate whether there is any damage such as chipped or cracked prisms or frayed electrical wires before we start the cleaning process.

Pressure Cleaning / Power Washing

- Pressure cleaning is one of the most effective and affordable cleaning methods that can help keep a property looking like new. Not only can this service drastically improve the look common areas, it can also remove unwanted contaminates including mold. Pressure cleaning is perfect for areas such as: pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, pavers, patios, etc.

Gutter Cleaning

- We offer this service because we carry around lots of ladders and are used to climbing around people’s homes. We clean out the debris with our hands or a scooping tool, and put it in trash bags. We also clear the downspouts, if needed, as best we can, with a plumbers snake or by flushing water down them.

Window Cleaning + More

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